Pacific Capital Mortgage began its operations as a Licensed Mortgage Broker in the State of Arizona in September 1996, on West Camelback Road in Phoenix Arizona.  Over the course of the next 12 years, its office was moved to downtown Scottsdale on East Camelback Road.  The company had an 86% success rate of funding and closing loans once a loan application was taken by the company.  After closing and funding over 2,400 mortgage loans, its operation was closed down because of the Mortgage Meltdown Crisis in 2008.  The principal and broker, Mr. Peter Kwee, retired from the mortgage business and moved to South America. A couple of years ago, Peter moved back to the USA, and spent the better part of 2019 re-opening Pacific Capital Mortgage in Texas.

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Peter started in the financial services industry as a young stockbroker on Montgomery Street in downtown San Francisco in 1973 working for the second largest stock brokerage firm on Wall Street at the time, Bache & Company.  After 10 years as a retail stockbroker with Bache and Shearson Lehman Brothers, Peter migrated over to the Institutional side of Wall Street as a Money Broker and then as a Derivatives Trader for the second largest bank in the world, Sumitomo Bank, trading Interest Rate Swaps and Currency Swaps out of Japan and Hong Kong.  In 1993, Peter moved back to the USA and then entered the mortgage business as a mortgage loan originator.  Three years later, he founded Pacific Capital Mortgage, Inc.  Peter brings with him twenty years of Investment Banking experience and 15 years of Mortgage Banking experience.  He is well versed in all types of mortgage banking products as well as International Project Finance Schemes. Peter's client base includes not only Home Buyers and Real Estate Investors in the USA, but multinational corporations worldwide, like Tata Corporation of India, Mitsui Trading Company of Japan, Bank Negara of Indonesia, Petronas of Malaysia, CITIC of China, and IBM of Australia.